Getting visibility and recognition on social media is a top priority for businesses. Unfortunately, only a portion of success depends on what people and companies have to say. The other element of successful social media marketing depends on the ever-changing algorithms of each platform. Make no mistake: the content still matters, and no amount of algorithm hacking will help if the content provides no value. However, the likelihood of a message getting discovered is slim. Effective social media marketing takes some time to master, and the algorithms for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok all differ in the way they operate and rank accounts.


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world and has billions of active users. Video content drives engagement more than text-based content, so marketers should consider posting engaging video content. Organic traffic relies on quality posts, so marketers should only share their most valuable content using this platform.


Another one of the largest platforms, YouTube, ranks videos according to their performance within the first 24 hours after upload. Creators must also post high-quality content often to stay in the line of sight of YouTube’s algorithm. The placement of keywords is also essential. The best way to get noticed is to put primary keywords in the video title, secondary keywords, and social media links in the description, including up to ten tags using their keywords. In addition, companies should suggest similar videos at the end of each video alongside their products. Closed captioning and custom thumbnails also help content performance on YouTube because they are more likely to keep visitors engaged longer. Make sure to stay engaged with audiences and reply to comments.


Instagram is promising because users can purchase anything on the platform with a single click using the checkout e-commerce tool. Marketers must share posts and stories relevant to their brands. If an item is for sale, images should be attractive and enthralling. Effective advertising on Instagram depends on hyper-targeted ads that pinpoint potential customers that send ads in their direction.


Advertisers on TikTok thrive on trends. Valuable content that embraces a trend can get millions of views. Since content on TikTok is short, marketers could quickly produce multiple videos to help them optimize on a current trend. Brands can even sponsor influencers on TikTok in hopes that their posts trend.