Michael Troina


About Michael Troina

Growing up, Michael Troina was someone who spent a fair bit of time on social media. But “don’t spend all day in front of a screen” doesn’t carry the same sort of weight it used to, especially when the hours of experience gained from building a successful gaming review platform and Youtube channel lead you to graduate with your Masters in Data Analytics from the University of California, Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business.

“It started as a fascination with human behavior,” Michael says when asked about his interest in data analytics. Since then, Michael’s work has branched out into economics and more traditional forms of marketing, as well. “With the digital push, people often neglect the impact that will have on more traditional forms of media, and consequently the impact it can have on their lives.

Michael, while far from a digital dinosaur, is keenly aware of the impact that alternative forms of media can play on our society, and his interest in why we like what we like has been a huge conduit to his work in marketing, analytics, and human-behavior. It’s also the fuel behind his passion for leadership, as well. “I think leadership comes with not only just telling people what to do but actually being someone who works the team and can thrive under pressure. Personally, I love being under pressure or being told I can’t do something, because it pushes out the best in me and makes me want to do more”

With all his work in digital media and data, Michael Troina still makes the time to get out and enjoy some fresh air. When not working, you can catch him heading to the park to play some pick-up basketball and go for a run. He also loves reading fiction and nonfiction alike, listening to music, and exploring NYC.

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