Empathy is the capability to understand and feel what another person is feeling. When a person is sad, and other people can relate and identify with him, they can help in times of need. Incorporating empathy in marketing will make many customers want to connect with the brand, which might lead to a more extensive and loyal customer base.

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting many things, especially with the record of infections each new day. Marketers need to develop empathetic advertisements so that they can have a better reach to the customers. Customers feel specific phrases are just too cliché, especially when it comes to the novel coronavirus reference. 

It is no secret that social distancing makes people send messages that start with the inquiry of the receiver’s safety. These are challenging times, and some people are afraid of saying the wrong thing and coming out as insensitive.

 Factors to consider for positive customer experience during Covid-19

  • Empathy
  • Purpose
  • Compassion 


For any brand to prosper, customer experience should be positive. The delivery of services from any brand should be top-notch. It does not matter what is happening globally, but a customer should receive services in a timely fashion.

When brands are busy trying to up their marketing game, customers and clients feel the approach needs some work. Every business views the client as the most critical asset to any company. When a business loses clients, it loses its share and holds in the market share. Taking care of clients’ needs should be a priority for every brand.

Brands should show the concern for people’s health and the impact that Covid-19 poses on their economic standing. Some people have lost jobs, and others are on the verge of losing their homes. What brands need to do is look at their offerings to their clients and sensible in the approach. Clients tend to work better with brands that show kindness and concern.


When people are trying to avoid the virus infections and markets trying to stay relevant, it’s necessary to show care and compassion to others. Brands should ensure to connect emotionally, displaying a genuine concern for their clients during these uncertain times. Traditional marketing is not as useful right now and might cause more damage to anxious customers.