Some may argue nowadays that the way we conduct ourselves online is more important than our offline behavior. And there’s a good argument to be made for that stance. It has never been more important to create a positive personal online brand for yourself, and that process begins with social media. Do it the right way, and it may help you land your dream job or connect with the perfect people. Here are some key ways you can create your personal brand through social media marketing.

Update Your Social Media Accounts

First, decide on the accounts you’re going to focus on, then delete the rest. Don’t leave unused accounts idle or showcasing questionable content from the past. They are also vulnerable to identity theft or scammers that can give you negative attention. For the accounts that you intend to keep, be sure to stay active and post consistently, while always ensuring that your information is current, accurate, and quickly reflects the message you want to portray about yourself.

Be an Expert

We’re all experts at something, even if we take those things for granted. Look at the analytics for previous posts to see which of your past posts has performed the best. Chances are, those are what your followers think of when they think about you. Those are your fields of expertise. Make a brand for yourself on social media as being an expert in those things that people recognize you for the most. Even if it’s something as simple as “that girl who traveled across the country for a month on less than $500,” embrace it. Identify yourself with it on your social media accounts. It’ll help you stand out from the crowd, get recognized, and build your personal online brand.

Stay Consistent

In order to be trustworthy and memorable for the long haul, it’s important that you remain consistent with your posts over the course of time. This doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to change your opinions from time to time, but when you do, address the reasons openly on social media so as to not abruptly change your brand and image without warning. Consistency is key in all branding and remains pivotal in social media marketing.

Your Personal Brand Matters

Whether we know it or not, we already have a personal brand. But it may not be the one that we want. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to building a better personal brand through social media marketing.