The world is changing, and social media is shifting along with it. While businesses have long been working to keep up and adapt to digital marketing’s fast pace, the reality of what’s working in 2020 has been a lot to keep up with. With that in mind, it’s time to take a good look at the tips you may have been employing previously, that you shouldn’t be following anymore. These are the things to avoid doing for social media marketing in 2020

Ignoring The Wider Conversations

Many businesses used to attempt silence and a neutral standpoint on political or otherwise controversial topics. Today, that no longer works for many on social media. Followers want to know where businesses stand on important issues. 

It has become common for followers to post about accounts who haven’t said anything on important topics currently trending on social media, calling for others to unfollow those who stay silent.

Instead of saying anything negative, successful brands are posting where their company stands and the reasons behind their beliefs. They are posting updates on how their business handles these issues and their dedication to improvement in areas where applicable. Customers want to support companies that support them and the issues they care about.

Forgetting The Message Of Your Brand

Never forget your branding. If you find you need to post about controversial topics on social media, fold these new viewpoints into your branding’s greater mission. What does your company stand for? What is the broader mission? Work these into your brand and keep it consistent, where possible. 

Failing to Engage

Successful accounts have to not only post great content but also listen to their followers and engage. Failing to reply to comments and otherwise engage in conversations with your followers won’t cut it in 2020.

Sticking To Your Posting Calendar

Sticking to a regular posting calendar is still a good strategy for 2020 because consistent posting is essential. However, you need to adjust what this looks like. While you can always use posting schedulers to make sure your calendar is full, you will need to check the broader conversations trending on social media that day to be sure that what you have scheduled is still appropriate. If not, reschedule it for another day. Post something else. The timing of your posts is more important now.